Choosing and buying your next Acoustic Guitar / Friday, 24 July 2015

Written by  Alex Mew
Choosing and buying your next Acoustic Guitar

How to choose and buy an Acoustic Guitar.

In your search for the best acoustic guitar, you will already have come across numerous options and types, even if looking solely within the Faith Guitars range. Maybe you’re looking for a traditional acoustic dreadnought model with a classic Spruce/Mahogany combination, or perhaps you fancy an Acoustic-Electric model with more exotic woods.

If you want to sound like Ed Sheeran, Albert Lee or Jake Bugg, which guitar should you choose?

Once you’ve chosen your favourite acoustic guitar and have decided to buy, the choice then becomes whether you should buy it in a physical music store or buy it online. There are a number of important things you should you consider when making this buying decision.

Will your guitar arrive setup? Will it be setup to your liking, and if it’s not, what can you do about it? In the event of your new guitar needing a setup, service or repair what are you prepared to do: Go to your local store for a friendly chat…. or call an internet retailer and (probably) experience a more lengthy and less personal returns procedure.

It is essential that you address questions such as this at the beginning of your buying process.

However, first things first:

Which is the best Faith acoustic guitar for you? What do the various models offer? Which should you choose?

Forgive us for mentioning (again!) that various Faith models have been voted ‘The UK’s Best Acoustic Guitar’ for 5 consecutive years... So these models are a good place to start for sure.

However the broader question is ‘What do the varying features and benefits of Faith Guitar models offer you’? Well, lets explore this a little more from two angles: Body Shape and Model Series.

We'll start with Model Series, but you can jump straight to Body Shape if you wish.

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