Faith Guitars Neptune - Baby Jumbo Guitar

Faith Neptune Acoustic Guitars are based upon Patrick James Eggle's highly acclaimed 'Saluda' shape. In its basic form, the Neptune is 16" across the lower bout, which qualifies it as a baby-jumbo. In practise, this makes the Neptune a Jumbo bodied guitar for every occasion. Whereas the full jumbo sized Jupiter is all-out big, the Neptune balances size, sonic projection and comfort perfectly. 

Acoustically, the Neptune will deliver rich and deep bass notes with ease, yet never become 'boom-ey' or over-powering. Plus when it's strapped around your neck for hours at a rehearsal or gig, it sits comfortably without weighing you down too much. 

In electro acoustic, cutaway guise (CE), the Neptune has proved itself particularly popular. A close second place in overall popularity to the ever-present Venus 'concert' shape, the Faith Neptune CE has elegant lines and an ergonomically excellent design that has found favour throughout the musical spectrum, from Bedrooms to Pubs to West-End Theatres and Festival Stages. 

As ever though, the tone of your chosen Neptune will be subtly affected by the Faith Guitars series to which it belongs: 

  • Neptune Baby Jumbo Guitars with Mahogany back and sides - such as the Naked Series, Natural Series, Eclipse Series and All-Mahogany Series - will give warmer tones, especially suited to strumming. 
  • However, Neptune models from the HiGloss series - which have rosewood back and sides - will be brighter overall and deliver clearer, more pronounced bass frequencies. 
  • If you fancy something inbetween, then take a look at the Trembesi series or the Award-Winning Blood Moon series. Using Exotic Trembesi tonewoods, these beautiful guitars will sound a little brighter than Mahogany models, yet not quite as 'fizzy' as rosewood models.
  • The Neptune is also available as part of the Classic Burst Series which benefits from a wider, 45mm fingerstyle nut, as well as the darker, mellow tones associated with a Cedar and Mahogany tonewood pairing. 

Whichever variant you go for though, you can be sure that the Faith Neptune Baby Jumbo will handle whatever you throw at it. 

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