Faith Guitars Acoustic Guitars - By Series

Making sure you choose the best guitar for your needs is very important. 

Every guitar offer its own individual characteristics of course, but being guided by particular series characteristics or price range can be very useful. 

Faith Nomad models are all-solid travel guitars, great for those who want a smaller instrument to take on their adventures; Faith Naked are the finest example of superb value, stripped-down, 'heart and soul' instruments; Faith Pro Natural are elegantly simple with a warm, balanced tone; Faith Pro HiGloss are beautifully bright instruments with stunning rosewood figuring; Faith Pro Trembesi are sonically similar to Pro Natural but a little brighter thanks to the figured trembesi tonewood; Faith Pro Mahogany are warm and welcoming in both sound and colour; Faith Pro Eclipse deliver the on-stage wow-factor with a balanced tone and classic aesthetics; Faith Pro Classic Burst have their solid red-cedar tops finished in a classy three tone burst, which helps the warmth of tone and well-rounded ambience; Faith Pro Bloodmoon models use highly figured Trembesi wood all-over for stunning effect. They sound excellent, but look out of this world. 

Whichever Acoustic Guitar series you decide to investigate, you're sure to find something you'll love. Enjoy the search!