Why are you called Faith?

This is a common question: "Why are you called 'Faith' guitars? Is it a religious name? 

Well, quite simply, back in 2002 when Patrick and the early Faith team were looking for a name for our all-solid acoustic guitars, we came up with the name 'Faith' - amongst others. 

It was decided upon because it's a powerful word that has recognisable iterations across the globe. Faith is a concept that holds meaning for everyone no matter their particular background or circumstance. 

So, is Faith Guitars a religious brand? No. We just make lovely guitars. 

Needless to say though, we're proud of the fact that we have Gospel musicians and worship leaders playing Faith Guitars all over the world. Likewise, we're proud of our Fingerstyle wizards; our Grime & HipHop artists; our Symphonic Metal bands; our country artists; and our hands-in-the-air EDM Producers and DJs. We're a broad church, as they say. 

We make the guitars. You make the music.