Special Edition Models

In your journeys through the music stores of the UK, if you're lucky, you may well come across one of our Faith 'Singular Production' models. 

These guitars are exactly what they say: Singular Production. One-offs. Unique models. 

When these guitars have served their intended purpose, we will release them to selected retailers to sell, giving the store something extra special to offer you. 

So why do they exist? 

In the process of creating new guitar models we have our workshops make multiple variants or designs to see which we ultimately turn into production models. There are countless options in designing and making guitars, but not everything makes it to production immediately. 

  • Maybe we had an idea that needed a few iterations before we got it exactly how it was intended. Perhaps the red stain needed 20% more red... 
  • Or perhaps we tried a new tonewood that we intend to bring to market in a few years once reliable sourcing has been established. 
  • Or maybe we wanted to try a certain tonewood combination with and without lacquer, or with certain binding material, or perhaps with no binding at all. 

Whatever the reason however, you can be confident that we never release anything into the wild with which we are not 100% happy. 

So you can enjoy and cherish your truly unique and special guitar.