How to buy Faith Guitars

Yes! If you live in the UK.

You can order spare parts from our Spares Directory which can be found here:

If you live outside of the UK please contact your local music store or Faith Guitars Distributor.

Please see our International Distributor Map to find the closest distributor to you. Otherwise, you could contact a retailer in a nearby country and ask for their shipping details. Many music stores are used to dealing with overseas shipping and transactions.

You can also ask your local music store to contact Barnes and Mullins to enquire about stocking Faith Guitars.

If you have any problems, let us know nad we will endeavour to help!

No, I’m afraid you can’t buy direct.

We have a network of independent music stores across the UK - and international distributors - who commit to stock a certain level of Faith Guitars. That way you can find the models you are looking for closer to home and test before you buy. We would always recommend that you buy your guitar from a real music store rather than solely online, as you will be able to test the actual instrument you will purchase.

You can find your local retailer or international distributor here.